Got a design question? or question about the design industry? Not saying I’m an expert, but if I can help I will.

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  1. Hi Jud,
    I’ve been having one of those weeks where you question everything and you want everything to change, all at once, usually because one major thing has changed. Well, Monday I found out my cushy 9-5 job was terminiated because of budget cuts. I was in Marketing and Communications. Now, I’m scouring job boards looking for another position to pay my bills. Every few years or so I go into this deep cavern of whys where I realize I”m not doing what I love and I stopped doing what I love to play ‘adult’. While I love aspects of what I do, what I really want to get into is illustration and graphic design. I started my undergrad in visual art, 10 years ago you would find me without a sketch book, and actively using it. Now, I just have piles of creative projects I never get to and the whys come back.

    So! My question is, what advice do you have for someone who wants to get into graphic design and illustration? I’ve enjoyed reading parts of your blog to see your process, one ofthe many parts of it all that seem to be a mystery to me. In art school, I was so against the digitization of images, when it was still cool to be, and now I feel like I stopped myself from learning such an versatile skill. Not to mention it looks stunning.

    What tools are essential to learn to be able to complete such high quality images? I have the Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve been looking into online courses to teach me all the ins and outs of the programs. Illustrator being the most daunting. What equipment do you use? Did you go to graphic design school, or did your skills and interest in it stem from silk screeming? Print making is one of my favourite mediums.

    Any insight you could give me would be wonderful!

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